Bjork - Debut
    1. Human Behavior - 4:12
    2. Crying - 4:49
    3. Venus as a Boy - 4:41
    4. There's More to Life Than This - 3:21
    5. Like Someone in Love - 4:33
    6. Big Time Sensuality - 3:56
    7. One Day - 5:24
    8. Aeroplane - 3:54
    9. Come to Me - 4:55
    10. Violently Happy - 4:58
    11. Anchor Song - 3:32


    Garry Hughes: Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Programming
    Oliver Lake: Arranger, Brass
    Corky Hale: Harp
    Björk: Arranger, Keyboards
    Gary Barnacle: Brass
    Marius DeVries: Keyboards, Programming
    Nellee Hooper: Percussion, Drums, Producer
    Luis Jardim: Bass, Percussion, Drums
    Talvin Singh: Director, Tabla
    Martin Virgo: Keyboards, Programming
    Bruce Smith: Percussion, Drums
    Paul Waller: Keyboards, Programming
    Jon Mallison: Guitar
    Mike Mower: Brass
    Jhelisa Anderson: Vocals (bckgr)

    Production Credits:

    Björk: Producer
    Paul Corkett: Engineer
    Nellee Hooper: Engineer
    Howie B: Engineer
    Hugoth Nicolson: Engineer
    Brian Pugsley: Engineer
    Al Stone: Engineer
    Mark Warner: Assistant Engineer
    Paul Wertheimer: Engineer
    Goetz Botzenhardt: Assistant Engineer
    Jim Abbiss: Engineer
    Dave Burnham: Engineer
    Jean Baptiste Mondino: Photography
    Pete Lewis: Assistant Engineer
    Jon Mallison: Assistant Engineer
    Mike Marsh: Mastering
    H. Shalleh: Engineer
    Tim Dickenson: Assistant Engineer
    Andy Bradford: Assistant Engineer
    Oggy: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words