Sweet Relief: Benefit for Victoria Williams
    1. Summer of Drugs (Soul Asylum) - 4:06
    2. Main Road (Williams, Lucinda) - 3:09
    3. Crazy Mary (Pearl Jam) - 5:37
    4. Merry-Go-Round (Buffalo Tom) - 3:09
    5. Weeds (Penn, Michael) - 3:47
    6. Animal Wild (Shudder To Think) - 2:23
    7. Tarbelly and Featherfoot (Reed, Lou) - 3:16
    8. Opelousas (Sweet Relief) (McKee, Maria) - 3:53
    9. This Moment (Sweet, Matthew) - 4:46
    10. Frying Pan (Evan Dando Of Lemonheads) - 3:08
    11. Lights (Jayhawks) - 5:25
    12. Why Look at the Moon (Waterboys) - 2:15
    13. Big Fish (Giant Sand) - 4:09
    14. Holy Spirit (Michelle Shocked) - 5:41


    John Hammond, Jr.: Handclapping
    Marvin Etzioni: Bass
    Russ Taff: Vocals (bckgr)
    Ashley Cleveland
    Maria McKee: Vocals
    Lou Reed: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
    Michelle Shocked: Vocals
    Matthew Sweet: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Drums, Guitar (Electric)
    Lucinda Williams: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Victoria Williams: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Phil Madeira: Organ, Organ (Hammond), Handclapping
    Adam Wade: Drums
    Rainer: Dobro
    David Abbruzzese: Drums
    Jeff Ament: Bass
    Bruce Brody: Organ
    Paula Jean Brown: Bass
    Lisa Carrie: Handclapping
    Mark Chesshir: Handclapping
    John Ciambotti: Bass
    Michael Convertino: Drums
    Evan Dando: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    George Drakoulias: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Kim Fleming: Vocals (bckgr)
    Howe Geib: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Stone Gossard: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Don Heffington: Drums
    Tom Herbers: Engineer
    James Hollihan, Jr.: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Handclapping, Shaker
    Bill Janovitz: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    Andrew Kamman: Drums
    Bonnie Keen: Vocals (bckgr)
    Katell Keineg: Vocals (bckgr)
    Greg Leisz: Guitar (Acoustic), Dobro, Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar
    Donald Lindley: Drums
    Gary Louris: Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
    Bob Ludwig: Mastering
    Tom Maginnis: Drums
    Gurf Morlix: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Mike McCready: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Terry McMillan: Tambourine
    Karl Mueller: Drums
    Daniel Murphy: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Ted Niceley: Producer, Mixing
    Brendan O'Brien: Organ (Hammond)
    Mark Olson: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Marc Perlman: Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
    David Pirner: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Vocals
    Mike Rathke: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar (Rhythm)
    Matt Rollins: Piano
    Mike Scott: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
    Benmont Tench: Piano
    Eddie Vedder: Vocals
    Matt Wallace: Drums
    Patrick Warren: Keyboards
    Lynn Williams: Drums
    Chris Willis: Vocals (bckgr)
    Grant Young: Bass
    Adam Duritz: Vocals (bckgr)
    Karen Groteberg: Piano, Vocals (bckgr)
    Kenny Callahan: Drums
    Chris Colbourn: Bass, Vocals
    Stuart Hill: Bass
    Hus: Bass
    Kim Keyes: Vocals (bckgr)
    Nathan Larson: Guitar
    Doanld Lindely: Drums
    Bob Tiree: Harmonium, Horn
    Matt Wallaca: Drums
    Craig Wedren: Vocals
    Mike Wilcox: Guitar
    John Convertino: Drums
    Howe Gelb: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Dave Abbruzzuse: Drums
    Joey Burns: Noise, Bass (Upright)
    Dan Murphy: Guitar
    Dr. John Ciambotti: Bass
    Indiosa Patsy Jean: Voices
    Andy Kammen: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Michael Penn: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Buffalo Tom: Arranger, Producer
    Lou Reed: Producer, Mixing
    Matthew Sweet: Producer
    Victoria Williams: Producer, Photography
    Bobby Arnold: Engineer
    David Bianco: Mixing
    Evan Dando: Producer
    Richard Dashut: Producer
    George Drakoulias: Producer
    Lynn Fuston: Engineer
    Michael Gibson: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Tom Herbers: Engineer
    James Hollihan, Jr.: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Gurf Morlix: Producer, Mixing
    Ted Niceley: Producer, Mixing
    Brendan O'Brien: Mixing
    Steve Palmieri: Engineer
    Lloyd Puckitt: Engineer, Mixing
    Mike Rathke: Producer, Mixing
    Steve Rosenthal: Engineer
    Joe Warda: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    The Robb Brothers: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Tom Nellen: Assistant Engineer
    Bill Sadler: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Tom Nellen: Assistant Engineer
    Bill Sadler: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Howe Gelb: Producer,Mixing
    Harvey Moltz: Engineer
    Michael White: Engineer, Mixing
    Laura Levine: Photography
    Robbie Cavolina: Photography
    Spencer Drate: Art Direction, Design
    JB: Engineer
    Martin Schmelzle: Engineer, Mixing
    Dennis Ascienzo: Design
    Jessica Moltz: Assistant Engineer
    Sylvia Reed: Executive Producer, Art Direction, Design
    Jütka Salavetz: Design
    Tony Pandy: Sound Effects, Drum Programming
    Kelley Walker: Liner Notes, Executive Producer
    Aylvia Reed: Liner Notes, Executive Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words