Louise Goffin - Kid Blue
    1. Kid Blue? (Louise Goffin,Billy Hipple)
    2. All I've Got to Do (John Lennon,Paul McCartney)
    3. Hurt by Love (Danny Kortchmar)
    4. Red Lite Fever (Louise Goffin,Danny Kortchmar)
    5. Remember (Walking in the Sand) (George Morton)
    6. Jimmy and the Tough Kids (Louise Goffin)
    7. Angels Ain't for Keeping (Louise Goffin)
    8. Long Distance (Louise Goffin)
    9. Trapeze (Louise Goffin)
    10. Singing Out Alone (Louise Goffin,Billy Hipple)


    Don Henley: Vocals
    Carole King: Vocals
    Don Grolnick: Organ
    Jorge Calderon: Vocals
    Louise Goffin: Vocals
    Andrew Gold: Organ, Synthesizer
    Peter Asher: Percussion
    Michael Baird: Drums
    David Campbell: Strings
    Curtis Coleman: Vocals
    Dean Cortez: Bass
    Kenny Edwards: Bass
    David Kemper: Drums
    Danny Kortchmar: Guitar
    Russ Kunkel: Drums
    Michael Landau: Guitar
    Steve Lukather: Guitar
    Bob Mayo: Piano
    David Paich: Keyboards
    John Pierce: Bass
    Mike Porcaro: Bass
    Peter Robinson: Piano
    Lee Sklar: Bass
    J.D. Souther: Vocals
    Richard Wachtel: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Dennis Kirk: Engineer
    Danny Kortchmar: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words