Joan Armatrading - Back To The Night
    1. No Love For Free (Joan Armatrading) - 3:28
    2. Travel So Far (Joan Armatrading) - 3:07
    3. Steppin' Out (Joan Armatrading) - 4:03
    4. Dry Land (Joan Armatrading, Pam Nestor) - 4:19
    5. Cool Blue Stole My Heart (Joan Armatrading) - 5:32
    6. Get In Touch With Jesus (Joan Armatrading) - 3:39
    7. Body To Dust (Joan Armatrading) - 4:19
    8. Back To The Night (Joan Armatrading) - 4:02
    9. So Good (Joan Armatrading) - 3:26
    10. Let's Go Dancing (Joan Armatrading) - 2:03
    11. Come When You Need Me (Joan Armatrading, Pam Nestor) - 3:44


    Joan Armatrading: Guitar, Vocals
    Andy Summers: Guitar
    Steve York: Bass, Harmonica
    Dave Brooks: Saxophone
    Tony Carr: Drums
    Phil Chen: Bass
    Gerry Conway: Drums
    Pete Gage: Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
    John Halsey: Drums
    Bernie Holland: Guitar
    Chris Karan: Percussion
    Gaspar Lawal: Percussion
    Ron Matthewson: Bass
    Tony Newman: Drums
    Colin Pincott: Guitar
    Jean Roussel: Keyboards
    Shamsi Sarumi: Percussion

    Production Credits:

    Pete Gage: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words