The Best of Mountain Stage Live, Volume IV
    1. Big Boss Man (Holmes Brothers, The)
    2. That's Enough of That Stuff (Ball, Marcia)
    3. You're So Fine (Hammond, John)
    4. What Do You Want the Girl to Do? (Toussaint, Allen)
    5. My Tears (Robillard, Duke)
    6. Crazy Horse Blues (Thompson, Bob)
    7. My God Called Me This Morning (Fairfield Four, The)
    8. Sweet Home Chicago (Edwards, David [2])
    9. Move On (Nelson, Tracy)
    10. Purple Haze (Bobs, The)
    11. It's Getting Warm in Here (Musselwhite, Charlie)
    12. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) (Staples, Pops)


    Marcia Ball: Keyboards, Vocals
    John Hammond, Jr.: Guitar, Harp, Vocals
    Charlie Musselwhite: Harmonica, Vocals
    Duke Robillard: Guitar, Vocals
    Bob Thompson: Piano
    Tracy Nelson: Vocals
    Richard Greene: Vocals
    Don Bennett: Bass
    Pops Staples: Guitar, Vocals
    Deni Bonet: Violin, Vocals (bckgr)
    Rodney Craig: Drums
    David Honeyboy Edwards: Guitar, Vocals
    Isaac Freeman: Bass (Vocal)
    James Hill: Vocals
    Sherman Holmes: Bass, Vocals
    Wendell Holmes: Guitar, Vocals
    Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones: Guitar
    Artis Joyce: Bass
    Paul Klemperer: Saxophone
    Gunnar Bob Madsen: Vocals
    Janie Scott: Vocals
    Walter Settles: Tenor (Vocal)
    Matthew Stull: Vocals
    Allen Toussaint: Piano, Vocals
    Malcolm Walsh: Organ, Piano
    Gib Wharton:
    Steve Williams: Guitar
    Julie Adams: Vocals (bckgr)
    John Kessler: Bass
    Ammed Solomon: Drums
    Ron Sowell: Guitar
    Jimmy Brown: Bass, Vocals
    Steve Burczyk: Keyboards
    Anders Caardnand: Saxophone
    Popsy Dison: Drums, Vocals
    Tommy Hill: Drums
    Steve Kessler: Bass
    Jeff McAllister: Drums
    W.L. Richards: Vocals
    Michael Upton: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Al Bunetta: Producer
    Dan Einstein: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words