The Best of Mountain Stage Live, Volume I
    1. Such a Night (Dr. John)
    2. Hell I'd Go (Hicks, Dan and The Acoustic Warriors)
    3. Twilight (Danko, Rick/Hudson, Garth)
    4. Bill of Goods (Wainwright, Loudon III)
    5. O Marie (Lanois, Daniel)
    6. Home Is Where the Heart Is (Gregson, Clive/Collister, Christine)
    7. Songbird (Winchester, Jesse)
    8. Yes, Yes, Yes (NRBQ)
    9. Shoot out the Lights (Thompson, Richard)
    10. Bird on the Wire (Groce, Larry/Mountain Stage Band, The)
    11. What You Gonna Do When the Zydeco... (Buckwheat Zydeco)


    Loudon Wainwright III:  Guitar, Vocals
    Al Anderson: Guitar
    Dr. John: Piano, Vocals
    Clive Gregson: Bass, Guitar
    Richard Thompson: Guitar, Vocals
    Jesse Winchester: Guitar, Vocals
    Rick Danko: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Terry Adams: Piano
    Tom Ardolino: Drums
    Deni Bonet: Violin
    Malcolm Burn: Guitar (Electric)
    Christine Collister: Vocals
    Brian Godchaux: Violin, Vocals (bckgr)
    Dan Hicks: Guitar, Vocals
    Garth Hudson: Keyboards
    Darryl Johnson: Bass
    Ronald Jones: Drums
    Daniel Lanois: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Michael Lipton: Accordion
    Kevin Menard: Drums
    Andrew Robinson: Drums, Vocals
    Joey Spampinato: Bass, Vocals
    Dennis Taylor: Saxophone
    Wilbert Willis: Rub
    Lee Allen Zeno: Bass
    John Kessler: Bass, Vocals
    Ammed Solomon: Drums
    Ron Sowell: Guitar
    Joe Praessner:  Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
    Ammed Soloman: Percussion, Drums
    Tommy Sparlock: Guitar
    Joseph Veazie: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Al Bunetta: Producer
    Dan Einstein: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words