Outta' Sight - It's happening Now

A Rare collection of the great and outta' sight sounds wich helped to create
the great music revolution of the Groovy 60's

  1. New hard Times (M.Smith, B.Kimmel) - The Stoney Poney
  2. San Francisco(Wear Some Flowers in your Hair)  (J.Phillips) - The Sounds of Our Times
  3. Eleanor Rigby (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - The Standells
  4. Soft As The Dawn (Peter Asher, Gordon Waller) - Peter & Gordon
  5. Flower Grave (Lex De Azevedo) - The Human Beinz
  6. One for One (Al Silverman, Austin De Lone) - The Stoney Poney
  7. Sueño (B.Scheri, L.Leatherwood) - The Human Beinz
  8. Catch The Wind (Donovan) - Glen Campbell
  9. Tears Don't Stop (Peter Asher, Gordon Waller) - Peter & Gordon
  10. Theme fromthe Thunderball (John Barry, Don Black) - Davie Allan & The Arrows


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    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words