Medicine Ball Caravan
Warner Bros. A kinney leisure Service
A Fred Weintraub Family Production
Produced by Francois Reichnbach and Tom Donahue
Associate Producer - Martin Scorsese
Directed by Francois Reichnbach
A French Co-Production
France Opera S.A.R.L.-P.E.C.F.
Music supervision by Joe Boyd

From the album notes:

154 children dropped out in on the folks. It wasn'tt exactly your standard camping trip, or your standard cross-country trek, or uùyour standard "le's see the country on wheels" group. It wasn't standard. Period.
In fact, it was 154 long-hairs from the West-Coast tryin' to get down behind an 8,000 mile trans-U.S.A. boogie, mini-concert, wagon-train-with-buses-and-trucks, cosnùmic dash into middle America. They made it... but not without going through beaucoup changes.

    1. Act Naturally (Van Morrison, Johnny Russell) 2:04 - Youngbloods
    2. Medley: How Blue Can You Get (Jaen & Leonard Featrher) / Just A Little Love (B.B.King) 10:01 - B.B.King
    3. Medley: Louisiana Man  (Doug Kershaw) / Battle of New Orleans (Jimmy Driftwood) / Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T.Rouse) 5:55 - Doug Kershaw
    4. Hippie from Olema (Lowell Levinger) 2:04 - Youngbloods
    5. Dreambo (Sal Valentino) 3:02 - Sal Valentino
    6. Black Ju Ju (Dennis Dunaway) 7:55 - Alice Cooper
    7. Medley: Freakout (Stonegroud) / It Takes a Lot of Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Bob Dylan) 11:45 - Stoneground
    8. Free the People (B.Keith) 3:20 - Delaney and Bonnie

    Production Credits:

    Tom Donohue: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words