Songs of the Civil War
    1. John Brown's Body (Anonymous, "Say, Brother Will You Meet Us?")  - Pete Seeger
    2. Johnny is my Darling (Father Reed, "Charlie Is My Darling")  - Ethel Raim, Elizabeth Knight, Joyce Gluck
    3. Billy Barlow (Anonymous) - Jerry Silverman
    4. Somebody's Darling (Marie Revenal de La Coste, John Hill Hewitt ) - Elizabeth Knight, The Harvesters
    5. Old Abe Lincoln Came Out Of teh Wilderness (Anonymous ,"Down In Alabam - H.Warner ") - Hermes Nye
    6. The Vacant Chair (henry J. Washburn,"Life Is Like A Mountain Railway") - The New Lost City Ramblers
    7. Roll, Alabama, Roll (Anonymous) - Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters
    8. Lincoln and Liberty (Jesse Hutchinson, "Rosin the Beau") - Pete Seeger
    9. Clear the Track (Jesse Hutchinson, "Old Dan Tucker") - Pete Seeger, Group
    10. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (George F. Root) - Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters
    11. Bonnie Blue Flag (Harry Macarthy, "The Irish Jaunting Car") - Elizabeth Knight, Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters
    12. Tenting Tonight (Walter Kittredge) - Pete Seeger
    13. Richmond Is a Hard Road To Travel  (John R. Thompson, "Jordan Is a Gard Road To Travel") - Tom Paley, The New Lost City Ramblers
    14. Battle Cry of Freedom (George F. Root) - Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters
    15. The Cumberland and the Merrimac (Anonymous) - Ellen Stekert
    16. Just Before the Battle, Mother (George F. Root) - Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters
    17. Farewell Mother (Anonymous, "Just Before the Battle, Mother") - Hermes Nye
    18. Weeping Sad And Lonely (Charles Carroll Sawyer, Henry Ticker ) - Elizabeth Knight, The Harvesters
    19. Marching Song of the First of Arkansans (Capt. Lindley Miller, "John Brown's Body") - Pete Seeger, Bill McAdoo
    20. Overtiures from Richmond (Francis James Child, "Lilliburlero") - Jerry Silverman
    21. Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade (Anonymous) - Ellen Stekert
    22. Goober Peas  (Anonymous) - John Cohen, The New Lost City Ramblers
    23. The Cumberland Crew (Anonymous) - Sandy Ives
    24. High-Toned Southern Gentleman (Anonymous, "Fine Old English gentleman") - Jerry Silverman
    25. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Patick S. Gilmore) - Pete Seeger, Bill McAdoo
    26. Who Will Care for Mother Now? (Charles Carroll Sawyer) - Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters
    27. Marching Trough Georgia (Henry C. Work) - Pete Seeger, Bill McAdoo
    28. No More Auction Block (Anonymous) - The Harvesters
    29. Kingdom Coming (Henry C. Work) - Pete Seeger
    30. Both Shot Lincoln (Traditional) - Cisco Houston
    31. Oh, I'm a Good Old Rebel (Major Innes Randolph  C. S. A., Joe Bowers) - Hermes Nye
    32. Two Brothers (Irving Gordon) - The Harvesters
    33. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Julia Ward Howe, "John Brown's Body") - Elizabeth Knight, Jerry Silverman, The Harvesters


    Pete Seeger
    Jerry Silverman
    The New Lost City Ramblers
    The Harvesters
    Elizabeth Knight
    Sandy Ives
    Bill McAdoo
    Hermes Nye
    Ellen Stekert

    Production Credits:

    Irwin Silber: Editor

    Marco Giunco
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