Jamming with Edwards

Edward will soon become a byedwardword
                                                                                            a BY-EDWARD-WORD.
    1. The Boudoir Stomp (Hopkins, Cooder, Watts) 5:16
    2. It Hurts me Too (Elmore James) 5:49
    3. Edward's Thrump Up (Hopkins, Cooder, Watts) 7:40
    4. Blow with Ry (Hopkins, Cooder, Watts) 11:12
    5. Interlude a La El Hopo (Hopkins, Cooder, Watts) 2:03 - Including The Loveliest Night of the Year (Webster, Rosas) 0:29
    6. Highland Fling (Hopkins, Cooder, Watts) 7:40


    Ry Cooder: Guitar
    Mick Jagger: Vocals
    Charlie Watts: Drums
    Nicky Hopkins: Keyboards
    Bill Wyman: Bass

    Production Credits:

    Glyn Jones: Producer
    Nicky Hopkins: Sleeve Cartoons
    Linda Hopkins: Photo (Nicky Hopkins)
    Dominique Tarle: Photo (Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts)
    Ry Cooder: Photo (Ry Cooder)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words