Tribute to Steve Goodman
    1. Souvenirs (Prine, John)
    2. Blues That Steve Taught Me (Holstein, Ed)
    3. Face on the Cutting Room Floor (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
    4. Gentle on My Mind (Hartford, John)
    5. I Will Not Be Your Fool (Bromberg, David)
    6. Lady Is a Tramp (Burns, Jethro)
    7. I Can't Sleep (Koloc, Bonnie)
    8. California Promises (Lincoln Park Pirates/Rothermel, Jim)
    9. All over the World (Guthrie, Arlo)
    10. City of New Orleans (Guthrie, Arlo)
    11. Thanksgiving Song (Holstein, Fred)
    12. Satisfied Mind (Bowers, Bryan)
    13. Angel from Montgomery (Raitt, Bonnie/Prine, John)
    14. My Old Man (Prine, John)
    15. I Don't Wanna Know (Havens, Richie)
    16. Water Is Wide (Amram, David)
    17. Cockroaches on Parade (Waller, Harry)
    18. Dutchman (Smith, Michael)
    19. Please Don't Bury Me (Prine, John)


    Jethro Burns: Mandolin
    John Hartford: Banjo, Vocals, Clogs
    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    Bryan Bowers: Autoharp, Vocals
    Arlo Guthrie: Piano, Vocals
    Richie Havens: Vocals
    David Bromberg: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    John Prine: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    Bonnie Raitt: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    David Amram: Flute, Arranger, Whistle (Instrument)
    Fred Holstein: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    John McEuen: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Nancy Bromberg: Vocals (bckgr)
    Peter Bunetta: Percussion
    Steve Burgh: Guitar (Electric)
    John Burns: Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Bob Carpenter: Bass, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Jimmie Fadden: Drums
    Jeff Hanna: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Bonnie Herman: Vocals (bckgr)
    Diane Holmes: Vocals (bckgr)
    Jimmy Ibbotson: Mandolin, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Bonnie Koloc: Vocals
    Howard Levy: Harmonica, Piano, Recorder
    Hugh MacDonald: Bass
    Tom Radtke: Drums
    Jim Rothermel: Recorder, Saxophone, Sax (Soprano)
    Johnny Lee Schell: Bass, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Don Stiernberg: Mandolin
    Angie Varias: Drums
    Harry Waller: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Ellen Germaine: Vocals (bckgr)
    Ed Holstein: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    John Perrot: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Neal Serroka: Bass
    Bob Hoban: Fiddle, Piano (Electric)

    Production Credits:

    Al Bunetta: Producer, Executive Producer
    Dan Einstein: Producer, Executive Producer
    Tom Hanson: Assistant Remote Engineer
    Hank Neuberger: Producer, Mixing, Remote Recording Engineer
    Carline Ray: Production Assistant
    Jim Shea: Art Direction, Photography
    Jim Tullio: Associate Producer, Mixing Assistant
    Robert Vosgien: Digital Editing, Remastering
    Norm Ung: Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words