Reading Festival 73

Selected Highligths from the 1973 Marquee Reading Festival

    1. Hands off  (Rory Gallagher)  8:50 - Rory Gallagher
    2. Road Runner (Bo Diddley) 4:35  - Strider
    3. Feathered Friends (Greenslade, Lawson)  6:00 - Greenslade
    4. Don't Waste My Time (Rossi, Young)  4:21 - Status Quo
    5. Losing You (Holland, Dozier, Holland) 7:00 - The Faces
    6. Long Legged Linda (Andy Brown) 3:52 - Andy Brown
    7. Earth Motrher (Leslie Duncan, Jimmy Horowitz) 2:10 - Leslie Duncan
    8. Hang on a Dream (Tim Hardin) / Person to Person (Tim Hardin, A. Brown)  7:37 - Tim Hardin


    Rory Gallagher
    Status Quo
    The Faces
    Andy Brown
    Leslie Duncan
    Tim Hardin

    Production Credits:

    Ron Neverson: Producer, Recorder
    Chris Beckwith: Executive producer
    Jimmy Horowitz: Executive producer
    Melvin Abrahams: Master
    Mike Gill: Sleeve Concept

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words