The Honky Tonk Demos - Demo Tapes First Played on Charlie
                                         Gillette's Honky Tonk on Radio London
    1. One Fing 'n' Annuver - Chas & Dave (Chas Hodges, Dave Peacock)
    2. Ain't No Way - Lee Kosmin Band (Lee Kosmin, Pete Smith)
    3. Sometime Later - Darts (Collier)
    4. Watkins' Brew - Geraint Watkins (Geraint Watkins)
    5. The Party's Over - Witches Brew (Laka Koc, Jules Burns)
    6. The Blue Flames Boogie - Juice on the Loose  (Ron Kavana)
    7. In The City - Junior Kimbrough  (Junior Kimbrough)
    8. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits  (Mark Knopfler)
    9. Between You and Me - Graham Parker (Graham Parker)
    10. Secret Service - Charlie Dore (Charlie Dore, Julian Littman, Keith Nelson, Gus York)
    11. Rhythm on the Radio - ABC (Ric Adams)
    12. Dance in the Moonlight - Night Shift (Neil Gammack)
    13. Lone Car Cruising - Live Wire (Mike Edwards)


    Chas Hodges: Vocal, Piano
    Dave Peacock: Vocal, Bass
    Micky Burt: Drums
    Lee Kosmin: Vocal, Guitar
    Pete Smith: Guitar, Vocals
    Alan Gruner: Bass, Vocals
    Lee Partois: Drums
    Richard Attree: Keyboards
    Griff Fender: Vocals
    Bob Fish: Vocals
    Den Hegarty: Vocals
    Rita Ray: Vocals
    Horatio Hornblower: Sax
    George Curry: Guitar
    Thump Thompson: Bass
    John Dummer: Drums
    Geraint Watkins: Piano Solo, Accordion
    Laka Koc: Vocal, Keyboards
    Jules Burns: Guitar
    Mick Strickland: Flute, Vocals
    Dave Battiscombe: Bass
    Dave Otway: Drums
    Ron Kavana: Vocal, Guitar
    Dizzy Watson: Piano
    Charlie Hart: Bass
    Ed Dean: Slide Guitar
    Gerri Macilduff: Drums
    Junior Kinbrough: Vocal, Guitar
    Dave Williams: Vocal, Guitar
    Neil Gammack: Vocal, Bass
    Ian Thompson: Drums
    Mark Knopfler: Vocal, Guitar
    David Knopfler: Guitar, Vocal
    John Illsley: Bass, Vocal
    Pick Withers: Drums
    Graham Parker: Vocal, Guitar
    Paul Bailey: Guitar, Vocal
    Paul 'Bassman' Riley: Bass, Vocal
    Dave Otway: Drums
    Charlie Dore: Vocal
    Gus York: Guitar
    Julian Littman: Guitar
    Keith Nelson: Guitar, Lap Steel
    Garrick Dewar: Bass
    Paul Atkinson: Drums
    Rick Adams: Vocal, Guitar
    Dave Bowker: Bass, Guitar
    Mick Cook: Drums
    Mike Edwards: Vocal, Guitar
    Chris Cutler: Vocal
    Joe Sluys: Bass
    German Gonzales: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Adrian Martins: Engineer
    Dave Robinson: Engineer
    Billo: Engineer
    Anthony Wall: Engineer
    Calum: Engineer
    Chae Herington: Engineer
    Rick: Engineer
    Mike Pela: Engineer
    Charlie Gillett: Liner Notes, Director
    Andra Nelki: Photos
    Paul Slattery: Photos
    Hamish: Sleeve Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words