The Cajuns - Volume 1

"It,s all passing now-it's going away-that way of life people used to have. You Know, living close to home and doing their work and keeping to themselves..."[He said]"... That's always been the way with the French people, you know, keeping to themselves."
(From Album)


    The Balfa Orchestra With Nathan Abshire
    1. Acadien Two-Step  (Traditional) - 3:06
    2. Waltz of the Big Woods (Traditional) - 3:15
    3. I Passed in front of Your Door (Traditional) - 2:30
    4. Pine Grove Blues (Nathan Abshire) - 4:41
    5. The Windows of Basile (Traditional) - 4:41
    6. Lacassine Special (Traditional) - 2:25

    The Ardoin Brothers Orchestra

    1. My Hat  (Traditional) - 2:15
    2. Sunday Afternoon  (Traditional) - 3:32
    3. Johnny Can't Dance  (Traditional) - 3:10
    4. The Prison Bars  (La Valse De La Prisone - Kenry Fontenot) - 3:25
    5. At The End of My Road  (Traditional) - 3:12
    6. Mamou Hot Step  (Traditional) - 1:55


    The Balfa Orchestra With Nathan Abshire

    Dewey Balfa: Violin, Vocals, Manager
    Merlin Fontenot: Violin, Vocals
    Rodney Balfa: Guitar, Vocals
    J.W. Pelsia: Steel Guitar
    Tony Balfa: Drums
    Nathan Abshire: Accordion

    The Ardoin Brothers Orchestra

    Gustave Ardoin: Accordion, Vocals
    Morris Ardoin: Guitar
    Lawrence Ardoin: Drums
    Kenry Fontenot: Violin, Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Sam Charters: Producer, Liner Notes

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words