Electric Dreams (soundtrack)
    1. Together in Electric Dreams (O'Down, Pickett) - P.P.Arnold
    2. Video (Jeff Lynne) -  Jeff Lynne
    3. The Dream (Culture Club) - Culture Club
    4. Duel (Giorgio Moroder) - Giorgio Moroder
    5. Now You're Mine (Giorgio Moroder, Helen St.John, Rusty Lemorande) - Helen Terry
    6. Love Is Love (Culture Club) - Culture Club
    7. Chase Runner (Gregory, marsh, Ware) - Heaven Seventeen
    8. Let It Run (Jeff Lynne) -  Jeff Lynne
    9. Madeline's Theme (Giorgio Moroder) - Giorgio Moroder
    10. Together in Electric Dreams (Giorgio Moroder, Phil Oakey) - Giorgio Moroder with Phil Oakey


    Culture Club
    Peter Frampton: Guitar
    Heaven 17
    Virginia Madsen
    P.P. Arnold
    Helen Terry
    Maxwell Caulfield
    Bud Cort
    Lenny Von Dohlen

    Production Credits:

    Jeff Lynne: Producer
    Giorgio Moroder: Producer
    Steve Levine: Producer
    Greg Walsh: Producer
    Don Was: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words