Max's Kansas City - Volume II
    1. Introduction: Live At Max's - 0:36
    2. Night Out - Philip Raimbow (Philip Raimbow) - 4:54
    3. Runaround Girl - Lance (Fred St.John) - 2:22
    4. Don't Look Back - Andrew Pearson (Andrew Pearson) - 3:37
    5. What We Need Is Some Rock - Just Water (Mitchell Dancik) - 3:11
    6. Night Rider - Lance (David Browning, Fred St.John) - 3:07
    7. Phone Call - Lance (David Browning, Mark Rider) - 4:49
    8. Firts Rock Star on the Moon- The Brats (Mark Mayo, Mark Polott) - 4:10
    9. Palace of the King - Andrew Pearson (Leon Russell, Don Nix, D.Dunn) - 3:14
    10. Stich in Time - Grand Slam (Michael Harrington, Danny Lee Wray) - 5:49
    11. Finale: Live At Max's - 0:17


    Philip Raimbow: Electric Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
    Dave Donene: Drums
    Peter Gorin: Bass
    Tom Spahn: Mini-moog, ARP, Fender Rhodes
    David Browning: Electric Guitars
    Kim Christi: Drums, Background vocals, Hammond B3 Organ
    Mark Rider: Bass, Background vocals
    Fred St.John: Lead Vocals, Background vocals
    Andrew Pearson: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitars, ARP, Sleighbells, Lead Vocals, Background vocals
    Rusty Blades: Drums
    Dave Quigley: Bass
    Ralph Murphy: Background vocals, Tambourine
    Mitchell Dancik: ARP, Acoustic Piano, Lead Vocals, Background vocals
    Danny Rubin: Lead Guitar, Tambourine, Kambasa , Background vocals
    Tom Korba: Bass
    Gus Martin: Drums, Cowbells, Background vocals
    Scott Sheets: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
    Rick Rivets: Rhythm Guitar
    Sparky Donovan: Drums
    Joe Guido: Bass, Background vocals
    Keith West: Lead Vocals, Background vocals
    Rod O'Brien: Spaceship
    Diva Grey: Background vocals
    Danny Lee Wray: Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitars
    Pat Franklyn: Drums
    Pete Morgan: Bass
    Vinny Bank: Keyboard
    Michel Harrington: Lead vocals

    Production Credits:

    Ralph Murphy: Producer
    Jack Douglas: Producer
    Eric Dufaure: Producer
    Hector Le Torre: Producer
    Rod O'Brien: Producer, Engineer
    Jay Messina: Engineer
    Gray Russell: Assistant Engineer
    Bob Gruen: Front Cover Photography
    Bob Ross: Back Cover Photography
    Kate Simon: Back Cover Photography
    Allan Ludwig: Back Cover Photography
    Lee Black Childers: Back Cover Photography
    Jody Carelas: Back Cover Photography
    Johhny B. Cabrera: Layout, Graphiscs
    Jeff Blumenthal: Concept, Executive Producer
    Tommy Dean: Executive Producer

    Marco Giunco
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