Marti Jones - Unsophisticated Time
    1. Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)
    2. (If I Could) Walk Away (Don Dixon)
    3. Show and Tell
    4. Rhythm of Shallow Breathing
    5. Follow You All over the World
    6. Neverland
    7. Hiding the Boy
    8. Talk to Me
    9. Element Within Her
    10. What Is Real
    11. We'll All Be Gone


    Anne Richmond Boston: Vocals
    Don Dixon: Multi Instruments
    Marti Jones: Vocals, Guitar
    Jan Daugherty: Viola
    Scott Davison: Drums
    Mitch Easter: Guitar
    Melanie Freeman: Cello
    Chip Garrett
    Bill Hanna: Trombone
    Nancy Jeffries
    Debbie Kauffman: Cello
    Cookie Kirkpatrick
    Nat Speir: Saxophone
    Dennis Spring: Violin
    Lisa Spring: Violin

    Production Credits:

    Don Dixon: Producer, Engineer
    Mark Williams: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words