Robbie Dupree - Street Corner Heroes
    1. Street Corner Heroes
    2. Desperation
    3. Brooklyn Girls
    4. All Night Long
    5. Free Fallin'
    6. I'll be the Fool Again
    7. Are You Ready for Love?
    8. Saturday Night
    9. Missin' You
    10. The Long Goodbye


    Robbie Dupree: Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
    Bill LaBounty: Keyboards, Vocals
    David Anderson: Vocals
    Billy Armstrong: Trumpet
    Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer
    Peter Bunetta: Percussion, Drums
    Rick Cudacoff: Bass, Keyboards
    Kal David: Sitar, Vocals
    Bill Elliott: Synthesizer, Keyboards
    Dennis Herring: Guitar
    Joe Lala: Percussion
    Darrell Leonard: Trumpet
    Arno Lucas: Percussion, Vocals
    Bill McWhirter: Trombone
    Jerry Peterson: Saxophone
    Brian Ray: Guitar
    Leslie Smith: Vocals
    Lee Thornburg: Trumpet
    Joe Turano: Vocals
    Matthew Weiner: Vocals
    David Woodford: Horn

    Production Credits:

    Rick Chudacoff: Producer
    Peter Bunetta: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words