Little Feat - Down on the Farm
    1. Down on the Farm (Barrere) - 4:16
    2. Six Feet of Snow (George/Godchaux) - 2:30
    3. Perfect Imperfection (Barrere/Snow) - 3:46
    4. Kokomo (George) - 2:58
    5. Be One Now (George/Tackett) - 4:05
    6. Straight from the Heart (George/Payne) - 4:59
    7. Front Page News (George/Payne) - 5:57
    8. Wake up Dreaming (Payne/Payne) - 4:09
    9. Feel the Groove (Clayton/DeWitty) - 4:48


    David Lindley
    Bonnie Raitt: Vocals
    Robben Ford: Guitar
    Dan Smith: Drums
    Paul Barrére: Guitar, Vocals
    Lowell George: Guitar, Vocals
    Sneaky Pete Kleinow: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Rosemary Butler: Vocals
    Sam Clayton: Percussion, Vocals
    Kenny Gradney: Bass
    Richard Hayward: Drums, Vocals
    Earl Palmer: Drums
    Bill Payne: Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
    Fran Payne: Vocals
    Julia Tillman Waters: Vocals
    Fred Tackett: Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet
    Lee Thornburg
    Maxine Willard Waters: Vocals
    Luther Waters: Vocals
    Oren Waters: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Lowell George: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words