Gordon Lightfoot - Endless Wire
    1. Daylight Katy (Lightfoot) - 4:18
    2. Sweet Guinevere (Lightfoot) - 3:16
    3. Hangdog Hotel Room (Lightfoot) - 2:35
    4. If There's A Reason (Lightfoot) - 4:52
    5. Endless Wire (Lightfoot) - 4:07
    6. Dreamland (Lightfoot) - 2:53
    7. Songs The Minstrel Sang (Lightfoot) - 2:49
    8. Sometimes I Don't Mind (Lightfoot) - 2:53
    9. If Children Had Wings (Lightfoot) - 3:50
    10. The Circle Is Small (Lightfoot) - 4:03


    Gordon Lightfoot: Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Guitar (12 String), Harmony Vocals
    Doug Riley: Piano, Piano (Electric), Orchestration
    Pee Wee Charles: Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
    Mitchell Clarke: Bassoon
    Terry Clements: Guitar
    Richard Haynes: Bass
    Barry Keane: Drums, Tambourine
    Red Shea: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Rhythm, Musical Consultant, Fills
    Tom Szczesniak: Bass
    Jack Zaza: Harmonica, Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Alto), Harmonium, Horn (English), Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone),
                      Sax (Tenor), Wind, Shaker

    Production Credits:

    Gordon Lightfoot: Producer
    Ken Friesen: Engineer, Mixing
    Lee Herschberg: Mastering, Assistant Engineer
    Lenny Waronker: Producer
    Mike Salisbury: Art Direction
    Loyd Clifft: Assistant Engineer
    Tom Bert: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words