Garland Jeffreys - Ghost Writer
    1. Rough and Ready
    2. I May Not Be Your Kind
    3. New York Skyline
    4. Cool Down Boy
    5. Ghost Writer (Jeffreys)
    6. Lift Me Up
    7. Who-O
    8. Wild in the Streets
    9. 35 Millimeter Dreams
    10. Dreams
    11. Spanish Town


    Dr. John: Keyboards
    Garland Jeffreys: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
    David Peel: Vocals
    James Taylor: Vocals
    Michael Brecker: Saxophone
    Don Grolnick: Keyboards
    David Lasley: Vocals
    David Sanborn: Saxophone
    Sugar Bears: Guitar
    Al Cohn: Saxophone
    Rubens Bassini: Percussion
    John Boudreaux: Drums
    Randy Brecker: Trumpet
    Danny Cahn: Trumpet
    Burt Collins: Trumpet
    Alan Taff Freedman: Guitar
    Steve Gadd: Drums
    Anthony Jackson: Bass
    Hugh McCracken: Guitar, Harmonica
    Arnold McCutler: Vocals
    Phil Messina: Trombone
    Leon Pendarvis: Keyboards
    Lynn Pitney: Vocals
    David Spinozza: Guitar, Keyboards

    Production Credits:

    Roy Cicala: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words