Chris Hillman - Slippin' Away
    1. Step on Out
    2. Slippin' Away
    3. Falling Again
    4. Take It on the Run
    5. Blue Monday
    6. Witching Hour
    7. Down in the Churchyard
    8. Love Is the Sweetest
    9. Midnight Again
    10. Lifeboat


    Chris Hillman: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Guitar (12 String)
    Steve Cropper: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm)
    Flo & Eddie: Vocals (bckgr)
    Rick Roberts: Vocals, Handclapping
    James Gordon: Drums
    Howard Albert: Percussion
    Albhy Galuten: Synthesizer, Arp
    Byron Berline: Fiddle, Violin, Bass (Vocal), Vocals
    Sam Broussard: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
    Donnie Dacus: Guitar, Slide Guitar
    Donald "Duck" Dunn: Bass
    Jim Fielder: Bass
    David Garibaldi: Drums
    Ivory Joe Harris: Keyboards
    Paul Harris: Keyboards
    Howard Kaylan: Vocals
    Russ Kunkel: Drums
    Joe Lala: Percussion, Tambourine, Handclapping
    Bernie Leadon: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals, Baritone (Vocal)
    Richard Marx: Guitar, Vocals
    Herb Pedersen: Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Vocals, Tenor (Vocal)
    Al Perkins: Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm), Guitar (Steel)
    Timothy B. Schmit: Vocals
    Lee Sklar: Bass
    George Terry: Guitar
    Mark Volman: Vocals
    Jim Gordon: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Stephen Stills: Director
    Howard Albert: Producer, Mixing
    Ron Albert: Producer, Mixing
    John Arrias: Assistant Engineer
    Alex Sadkin: Mastering
    John Sands: Assistant Engineer
    Michael John Bowen: Director
    Bong Soo Lala: Cardboard Box

    Marco Giunco
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