Joe Henry - Murder of Crows
    1. Step Across The Mountain (Henry) - 4:07
    2. Right About Linden (Henry) - 3:37
    3. Here And Gone (Henry) - 4:17
    4. Lose Me (Henry) - 5:00
    5. Hidden Man (Henry) - 3:26
    6. Falling soon (Henry) - 4:54
    7. She Is Sleeping (Henry) - 3:05
    8. Vigilante (Henry) - 3:32
    9. Siren (Henry) - 3:16
    10. Six Feet Into The Country (Henry) - 2:54
    11. Map Of Belgium (Henry) - 2:34


    David Bromberg
    Van Dyke Parks: String Arrangements
    Mick Taylor: Guitar
    Joe Henry: Guitar, Vocals
    Larry Campbell
    Tim Drummond: Bass
    Anton Fier: Percussion, Arranger, Drums
    Irwin Fisch: Arranger, String Arrangements, Cello Arrangement, Flute Arrangement
    Chuck Leavell: Piano, Organ (Hammond)
    Larry Saltzman
    Jeff Kydd
    Jokim Lartey

    Production Credits:

    Jeff Gold: Art Direction
    David Cook: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Anton Fier: Producer
    Judy Kirschner: Mixing
    Mike Krowiak: Engineer
    Matthew Boomer La Monica: Mixing
    Bob Ludwig: Mastering
    Steve Rinkoff: Mixing
    John Herman: Mixing
    William Claxton: Photography
    Chuck Beeson: Design
    Billy Scott: Mixing
    Ken Steiger: Mixing
    Mary Maurer: Design
    Sarah Auld: Coordination
    Jeff Higginbotham: Photography
    Martin Kunitz: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words