Joe Henry - Talk of Heaven
    1. Dance Lesson
    2. Dewey Wins
    3. Farm Club
    4. Man W/Hat
    5. Friend Of A Friend
    6. There's Been A Fire
    7. Wild Night
    8. Hurricane, W. Va.
    9. Abraham
    10. Second Story
    11. Talk Of Heaven
    12. Pictures From The Train


    Joe Henry: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
    Phil Kelly: Organ
    Mark O'Boyle: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Chris Belden: Drums
    Ken Kellett: Acoustic Bass
    A.J. Kydd: Guitar
    Bill Lang: Bass

    Production Credits:

    Joe Henry: Producer
    Keith Anderson: Producer
    Pete Bankert: Engineer
    Will Spencer: Engineer
    Beverly Parker: Photography
    Janet Perr: Design
    Jack Adelman: Mastering

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words