Levon Helm - Levon Helm (1982)
    1. You Can't Win 'Em All (Bown/Chapman)
    2. Lucrecia (R. Supa)
    3. Even A Fool Would Let Go (Snow/Chater)
    4. I've Got a Bet with Myself (D. Elliot)
    5. Money (M.L. Gordon)
    6. Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy (Seals/Chapman)
    7. Willie and the Hand Jive (J. Otis)
    8. The Got Song (T. Talton)
    9. Give a Little Bit (T. Talton)
    10. God Bless 'Em All (M. Buckins)


    Ava Aldridge: backing vocal
    Bonnie Baramlett: backing vocal
    Barry Beckett: keyboards
    Mickey Buckins: drums, percussion
    Robert Byrne: backing vocal
    Terry Cagle: backing vocal
    Harrison Calloway: trumpet
    Duncan Cameron: guitar
    Pete Carr: guitar
    Earl Cate: guitar
    Earnie Cate: kyboards
    Ben Cauley: trumpet
    Mike Chapman
    Ronnie Eades: sax
    Ron Eoff: backing vocal
    Owen Hale: drums, percussion
    Robert Harwell: sax
    Roger Hawkins: drums, percussion
    Levon Helm: vocals, drums, percussion, mandolin
    David Hood: bass
    James Hooker
    Jimmy Johnson: guitar
    Lenny LeBlanc: backing vocal
    Mac McAnally: backing vocal
    Will McFarlane: backing vocal
    Steve Nathan: keyboards
    Wayne Perkins: guitar, backing vocals
    Charles Rose: trombone
    Jimmy "Doc" Simpson: clarinet
    Russel Smith: backing vocals
    Richie Supa: backing vocal
    Harvey Thompson: sax

    Production Credits:

    Dick Cooper: production ass.
    Pete Greene: engineer
    Greg Hamm: engineer
    Jimmy Johnson: engineer
    George Lair: production ass.
    Mary Beth McLemore: engineer
    Steve Melton: engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words