Murray Head - Voices
    1. Last Daze of an Empire
    2. Affair Across a Crowded Room
    3. Hey Lady
    4. On Your Own Again
    5. Time On the Line
    6. Chance Encounter
    7. Children Only Play (Do You Remember?)
    8. Old Soho
    9. A Tree
    10. Going Home
    11. How Many Ways
    12. Los Angeles


    Murray Head: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Voices
    Alun Davies: Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals, Vibes, Guitars, Voices
    Simon Nicol: Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar
    Jeff Beck: Electric Guitar
    Pat Donaldson: Bass
    Andy Newmark: Drums
    Peter Veitch: Roland Synth, Violin, Barrel Organ, Prophet, String Synthesizer, Accordian, Piano, Fender Rhodes,
                          Dixie Melody, Organ, Electric Piano
    Morris Pert: Percussion
    Betty Boo Halaela: Backing Vocals
    Leah Mabuza: Backing Vocals
    Gugu Ndlela: Backing Vocals
    Norman Zulu: Backing Vocals
    Clinton Davis: Backing Vocals
    Nigel Warren-Green: Cello & Violin
    Chris Warren-Green: Cello & Violin
    Paul Samwell-Smith: Backing Vocals, Vibraphone, Voices
    Dave Pegg: Bass, Mandolin
    Dave Mattacks: Percussion, Synth Drum
    Gary Taylor: Acoustic Guitars, Bass
    Jeff Allen: Drums
    Anthony Head: Backing Vocals
    Nick Barraclough: Backing Vocals
    Anne Barraclough: Backing Vocals
    Dyan Birch: Vocals, Backing Vocals
    Nicola Kerr: Backing Vocals, Girl's Voice
    Richard Thompson: Electric Guitars
    Chris Mercer: Saxes
    Bob Weston: Lead Guitar 
    Geoffrey Richardson: Acoustic Guitars
    Bob Weston: Acoustic Guitars: 
    John G. Perry: Bass
    Trevor Morais: Drums
    Rupert Hine: Piano
    Rupert Hine: Harmonica, Backing Vocals
    Bruce Lynch: Double Bass
    Maurice Pert: Percussion
    Sue Lynch: Voices

    Production Credits:

    Ridge Farm: Cocktails:
    Paul Samwell Smith: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words