Jack Hardy - The Nameless One

    1. Dover to Dunkirk (4:01)
    2. The Sparrow (4:06)
    3. May Day (3:57)
    4. Works and Days (5:24)
    5. All Saints Eve (7:13)
    6. The Three Sisters (4:12)
    7. Potter's Field (3:06)
    8. The Nameless One (5:34)
    9. Blackberry Pie (4:38)
    10. The Vicious Cycle (7:41)


    Jack Hardy: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, tin whistle
    Jeff Hardy: harmonies, acoustic bass
    Chris Hardy: harmonies, fiddle
    Joe Henderson: acoustic lead guitar
    Howie Wyeth: drums
    Maggie Roche: harmonies
    Terre Roche: harmonies
    Suzzy Roche: harmonies
    Joe Bidewell: organ
    Doug Pomeroy: organ

    Production Credits:

    Douglas Pomeroy: Production Assistant, Engineer
    John Hardy (no relation): Cover Art

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words