Tim Hardin - Nine

    1. Shiloh Town (traditional)
    2. Never Too Far
    3. Rags & Old Iron (Curtis/Brown)
    4. Look Our Love Over
    5. Person to Person
    6. Darling Girl (Albequerque)
    7. Blues on my Ceiling
    8. Is There No Rest for the Weary (Troiano)
    9. Fire and Rain (Taylor)
    10. While You're on Your Way
    11. Judge and Jury (not on Marquee version)


    Tim Hardin: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
    Peter Frampton: Guitar
    Madeline Bell: Vocals
    Andy Bown: Bass
    Sue Glover: Vocals
    Jimmy Horowitz: Keyboards
    Bob Cohen: Guitar
    David Katz: Strings
    Mike Driscoll: Drums
    John Mealing: Keyboards
    Liza Strike: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Jimmy Horowitz: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words