Tim Hardin - Suite for Susan Moore and Damion: We Are One, All in One

    1. First Love Song (Tim Hardin)
    2. Everything Good Became More (Tim Hardin)
    3. Question of Birth (Tim Hardin)
    4. Once Touched by Flame (Tim Hardin)
    5. Last Sweet Moments (Tim Hardin)
    6. Magician (Tim Hardin)
    7. Loneliness She Knows (Tim Hardin)
    8. Country I'm Living In (Tim Hardin)
    9. One One the Perfect Sum (Tim Hardin)
    10. Susan (Tim Hardin)


    Tim Hardin: Guitar,Keyboards, Vocals
    Warren Bernhardt: Keyboards
    David: Saxophone
    Keith: Trumpet
    Buzz: Keyboards
    Monte Dunn: Guitar
    Gary Klain: Keyboards
    Donald McDonald: Drums
    Philipe: Conductor

    Production Credits:

    Gary Klein: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words