Daryl Hall & John Oates - Along the Red Ledge
    1. It's a Laugh (Hall) - 3:49
    2. Melody for a Memory (Oates) - 4:50
    3. Last Time (Hall) - 2:49
    4. I Don't Wanna Lose You (Hall/Oates) - 3:45
    5. Have I Been Away Too Long (Hall) - 4:19
    6. Alley Katz (Hall/Oates) - 3:04
    7. Don't Blame It on Love (Hall/Oates) - 3:53
    8. Serious Music (Bitzer/Oates) - 4:09
    9. Pleasure Beach (Oates) - 3:08
    10. August Day (Allen/Hall) - 3:03


    George Harrison: Guitar
    Les Thompson
    David Foster: Arranger, Keyboards
    Daryl Hall: Synthesizer, Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Vocals
    Kenny Passarelli: Bass
    George Bitzer
    Charles DeChant: Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
    Robert Fripp: Guitar
    Jay Graydon: Guitar
    David Kent: Keyboards, Vocals
    Steve Lukather: Guitar
    Rick Nielsen: Guitar
    John Oates: Synthesizer, Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals
    David Page: Strings
    Steve Porcaro: Keyboards
    Roger Pope: Drums
    Caleb Quaye: Guitar
    Dick Wagner

    Production Credits:

    David Foster: Producer
    Humberto Gatica: Engineer
    Tom Knox: Engineer
    Ed Sprigg: Engineer
    Pat Martin: Mastering
    Dalita Keumurian: Project Manager
    Basil Marshall: Reissue Coordination, Tape Research

    Marco Giunco
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