Steve Hackett - Voyage of the Acolyte
    1. Ace of Wands (Hackett) - 5:25
    2. Hands of the Priestess, Pt. 1 (Hackett) - 3:28
    3. Tower Struck Down (Hackett/Hackett) - 4:53
    4. Hands of the Priestess, Pt. 2 (Hackett) - 1:34
    5. Hermit (Hackett) - 4:49
    6. Star of Sirius (Hackett) - 7:08
    7. Lovers (Hackett) - 1:50
    8. Shadow of the Hierophant (Hackett/Rutherford) - 11:45


    Phil Collins: Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Vibraphone
    Steve Hackett: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Autoharp, Guitar (Electric), Harmonium, Keyboards, Sound Effects,
                            Vocals, Bells, Mellotron
    Sally Oldfield: Vocals
    Robin Miller: Oboe, Wind, Cor Anglais
    John Acock: Piano, Harmonium, Keyboards, Mellotron, Elka
    Nigel Green: Cello
    John Gustafson: Bass
    John Hackett: Flute, Keyboards, Bells, Arp
    Percy Jones: Bass
    Mike Rutherford: Bass, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (12 String), Bass Pedals
    Nigel Warren-Green: Cello

    Production Credits:

    Steve Hackett: Producer
    John Acock: Producer, Engineer,
    Louie Austin: Assistant Engineer
    Kim Poor: Paintings
    Paul Watkins: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words