Tom Gruning - Midnight Lullaby

    1. Silk Purses, Sow's Ears (Tom Gruning)
    2. Joe Small (Tom Gruning)
    3. Up for Grabs (Tom Gruning)
    4. You and the Blues and Me (Tom Gruning)
    5. The Madwoman(Tom Gruning)
    6. Rocko's Back (Tom Gruning)
    7. Creepin' Cretin (Tom Gruning)
    8. Sad State of Affairs (Tom Gruning)
    9. Sam Dream Blues (Tom Gruning)
    10. Midnight Lullaby (Tom Gruning)


    Tom Gruning: Vocals, Guitar
    Ron Bland: Bass, Comical Bass, Electric Bass
    Doug Davis: Flugelhorn, Trumpet
    Milt Cannon: Tenor Sax
    Tom 'Rocko' Tilton: Drums
    Tom Fink: Background Vocals
    Jim Wright: Background Vocals, Guitar
    Dick Weissman: Banjo, Mandolin
    Alan Westrope: Bass Clarinet
    Maggie Solaja Gruning: Background Vocals
    Jerome Gilmer: Accordian
    Jim Ridl: Piano
    Larry Thompson: Drums
    Craig Link: Drums
    Dan McCrimmon: Harmonica
    Gordy Meldrum: Trombone
    Thais Gruning: Intro Vocal

    Production Credits:

    Dick Weissman: Producer
    Friedic Nietzsche: Liner Notes
    Irv Kratka: Cover Photo
    Randy Vieth: Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words