John Gorka - Temporary Road
    1. Looking Forward
    2. Baby Blues
    3. The Gypsy Life
    4. Vinnie Charles Is Free
    5. Gravyland
    6. Temporary Road
    7. All That Hammering
    8. I Don't Feel Like A Train
    9. When She Kisses Me
    10. Grand Larceny
    11. If I Could Forget To Breathe
    12. Can You Understand My Joy?
    13. Brown Shirts


    Darol Anger: Baritone Violin, Violin
    Dawn Atkinson: Vocals (Background)
    Tom Corwin: Vocals (Background)
    Cliff Eberhardt: Vocals (Background)
    Denny Fongheiser: Drums
    Steve Gaboury: Synthesizer
    William Galison: Harmonica
    Rich Girard: Bass
    John Gorka: Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
    Nanci Griffith: Vocals (Background)
    Sean Hopper: Organ, Synthesizer
    Lucy Kaplansky: Vocals (Background)
    John Leventhal: Guitar (Electric)
    Michael Manring: Fretless Bass
    Mike Marshall: Guitar, Mandolin
    Denise Mininfield: Vocals (Background)
    Charlene Moore: Vocals (Background)
    Jennifer Newell: Vocals (Background)
    Todd Phillips: Acoustic Bass, Bass
    Roy Rogers: Guitar (Steel), Slide Guitar
    Lee Satterfield: Vocals (Background)
    Richard Tee: Organ

    Production Credits:

    William Ackerman: Executive Producer
    Dawn Atkinson: Producer
    Brad Brandaritz-Schmidt: Assistant Engineer
    John F. Cooper: Photography
    Oliver Di Cicco: Engineer
    Howard Johnston: Engineer
    Katherine Miller: Assistant Engineer
    Steven Miller: Engineer, Producer
    Matt Murman: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
    Rik Pekkonen: Engineer, Mixing
    Jim Reitzel: Engineer
    Ron Rigler: Assistant Engineer
    Nancy Scharlau: Assistant Engineer
    Jane Scolieri: Assistant Engineer
    Mark Slagle: Engineer
    John Wall: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words