John Gorka - Jack's Crows
    1. Silence
    2. Treasure Islands
    3. Jack's Crows
    4. Houses In The Fields
    5. The Mercy Of The Wheels
    6. Good
    7. Semper Fi
    8. Where The Bottles Break
    9. Night Is A Woman
    10. I'm From New Jersey
    11. My New Nieghborhood
    12. The Ballad Of Jamie Bee
    13. You're On Your Way


    Darol Anger: Baritone Violin, Violin
    David Balakrishan: Violin
    Shawn Colvin: Harmony Vocals, Vocals (Background)
    John Gorka: Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Acoustic), Harmony Vocals, Vocals
    Lucy Kaplansky: Harmony Vocals, Vocals (Background)
    Brian MacLeod: Drums
    Michael Manring: Bass (Electric), Fretless Bass
    Todd Phillips: Acoustic Bass, Bass
    Mark Summer: Cello
    Turtle Island String Quartet: Strings
    David Wilcox: Harmony Vocals, Vocals (Background)
    Lyle Workman: Guitar (Electric)
    Katrina Wreede: Viola

    Production Credits:

    William Ackerman: Producer
    Dawn Atkinson: Producer, String Arrangements
    Mark Boddeker: Mastering Supervisor
    John F. Cooper: Photography
    John Gorka: Engineer
    Bernie Grundman: Mastering
    Howard Johnson: Engineer, Mixing
    Steven Miller: Engineer
    Matt Murman: Assistant Engineer, Digital Assembly, Mixing Assistant

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words