John Gorka - Land Of The Bottom Line

I heard a stranger with your voice
It took me by suprise
Again I found it wasn't you
Just an angel in disguise
In for a visit

    1. Land Of The Bottom Line
    2. Armed With A Broken Heart
    3. Raven In The Storm
    4. The One That Got Away
    5. Full Of Life
    6. Stranger In My Driver's Seat
    7. The Sentinel
    8. Dream Street
    9. Mean Streak
    10. Italian Girls
    11. Jailbirds In The Bighouse
    12. Promnight In Pigtown
    13. I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair
    14. Love Is Our Cross To Bear
    15. That's How Legends Are Made


    Joe Ascione: Drums, Drums (Bass)
    Michael Blair: Cymbals, Drums, Percussion
    Victor Colucci: Bass
    Shawn Colvin: Harmony Vocals
    Kenny Cosek: Percussion, Violin
    Eugene Friesen: Cello
    John Gorka: Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Vocals
    Marsha Heller: Horn (English)
    Kevin Jenkins: Bass
    Bill Kollar: Guitar (Electric)
    Janice Kollar: Accordion, Conga, Drums, Drums (Bass), Harmony Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Tambourine
    Chuck Loeb: Guitar (Electric)
    Barry Mitterhoff: Mandolin
    Timothy Pitt: Guitar
    Elliott Randall: Guitar (Electric)
    Marshall Rosenberg: Bongos, Conga
    Claudia Schmidt: Harmony Vocals
    Frank Vignola: Guitar (Electric)
    Tommy West: Harmony Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Bill Kollar: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words