The Go-Betweens - Tallulah
    1. Right Here (Forster/McLennan)
    2. You Tell Me (Forster/McLennan)
    3. Someone Else's Wife (Forster/McLennan)
    4. I Just Get Caught Out (Forster/McLennan)
    5. Cut It Out (Forster/McLennan)
    6. House That Jack Kerouac Built (Forster/McLennan)
    7. Bye Bye Pride (Forster/McLennan)
    8. Spirit of a Vampyre (Forster/McLennan)
    9. Clarke Sisters (Forster/McLennan)
    10. Hope Then Strife (Forster/McLennan)


    Robert Forster: Guitar, Vocals
    Amanda Brown: Guitar, Violin, Keyboards, Oboe, Vocals
    Grant McLennan: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
    Lindy Morrison: Drums, Programming
    Audrey Riley: Cello
    Robert Vickers: Bass, Keyboards

    Production Credits:

    Robert Forster: Liner Notes
    Pete Anderson: Cover Design
    Grant McLennan: Liner Notes
    Richard Preston: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words