Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz - Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz
    1. Feel That Way Again (Fuller)
    2. Cry Like a Rainstorm (Kaz)
    3. You Take a Heart (Kaz)
    4. Let the Fire Burn All Night (Fuller/Kaz)
    5. 'til You Come Back (Kaz)
    6. Annabella (Fuller/Kaz)
    7. Ways of a Woman (Kaz)
    8. Fool for You (Fuller)
    9. Restless Sea (Kaz)
    10. Annabella (Fuller/Kaz)


    Michael McDonald: Harmony Vocals
    Leo Sayer: Harmony Vocals
    Don Grolnick: Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes
    James Newton-Howard: Piano (Electric)
    Eric Kaz: Piano, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Harmony Vocals
    Leah Kunkel: Vocals (bckgr), Harmony Vocals
    Rosemary Butler: Vocals (bckgr), Harmony Vocals
    Charles Veal: Violin
    Rollice Dale: Viola
    Craig Doerge: Piano, Piano (Electric)
    Dan Dugmore: Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
    Richard Feves: Bass
    Fuller & Kaz: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Doug Haywood: Vocals (bckgr)
    Dennis Karmazyn: Cello
    Russ Kunkel: Synthesizer, Percussion, Drums
    Maxayn Lewis: Harmony Vocals
    Steve Lukather: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Lee Sklar: Guitar (Bass)
    J.D. Souther: Harmony Vocals
    Craig Fuller: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Harmony Vocals

    Production Credits:

    David Campbell: Arranger, Conductor
    Val Garay: Producer, Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words