Dean Friedman - Well Well Said the Rocking Chair
We'll how am I supposed to feel with all the things you don't reveal and you can thank
             your lucky stars that we're not as smart as we'd like to think we are


  1. Rocking Chair (It's Gonna Be All Right)
  2. I've Had Enough
  3. Lucky Stars
  4. Shopping Bag Ladies
  5. Don't You Ever Dare
  6. The Deli Song (Corned Beef on Wry)
  7. Lydia; S&M
  8. Let Your Hair Down


Dean Friedman: vocals, guitars, piano, Fender Rhodes, Strings and Horns arranger
Denise Marsa: vocals, background vocals
Don Sarlin: electric guitars
Jonny Mann: bass
Tony Levin: bass, fretless electric bass
Ron McClure: acoustic bass
Bill Ward: drums, percussion
Joseph Shepley: trumpet
George Young: tenor sax
Mark Rivera: alto sax, background vocals
David Taylor: trombone
Andy Goldmark: background vocals
Holly Sherwood: background vocals
Jim Ryan: background vocals
Stu Nunnery: background vocals 
Kenny Ascher: conductor

Production Credits:

Rob Stevens: Producer
Nick Blagona: Recording Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words