Michael Franks - Blue Pacific
    1. Art of Love (Franks) - 4:10
    2. Woman in the Waves (Franks) - 5:58
    3. All I Need (Franks) - 4:46
    4. Long Slow Distance (Franks) - 5:09
    5. Vincent's Ear (Franks) - 6:21
    6. Speak to Me (Franks) - 5:01
    7. On the Inside (Franks) - 5:12
    8. Chez Nous (Franks) - 4:29
    9. Blue Pacific (Franks) - 4:58
    10. Crayon Sun (Safe at Home) (Franks) - 6:20


    Brenda Russell: Vocals (bckgr)
    Larry Carlton: Guitar
    Peter Erskine: Drums
    Michael Franks: Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
    John Patitucci: Bass
    Joe Sample: Piano
    Jeff Lorber: Arranger, Keyboards, Programming
    John Beasley: Keyboards
    Livingston Taylor: Vocals (bckgr)
    Michael Thompson: Guitar
    Bunny Hull: Vocals (bckgr)
    Alejandro "Alex" Acuña: Percussion
    Vincent Colaiuta: Drums
    Luis Conte: Percussion
    Howard Buzzy Feiten: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Michael Fisher: Percussion
    John Guerin: Drums
    Paul Jackson, Jr.: Guitar
    Dean Parks: Guitar (Electric)
    Marc Russo: Sax (Alto)
    Bob Shepard: Sax (Tenor)
    Neil Stubenhaus: Bass
    Kirk Whalum: Sax (Tenor)
    Freddie Washington: Bass

    Production Credits:

    Jeff Lorber: Producer, Engineer
    Walter Becker: Producer
    Sonny Abelardo: Production Coordination
    Tommy LiPuma: Producer
    Alan Meyerson: Mixing
    Gabriel Moffat: Assistant Engineer
    Roger Nichols: Engineer, Mixing
    Cliff Norell: Assistant Engineer
    Carole Parks: Production Coordination
    Neal Pogues: Assistant Engineer
    Scott Ralston: Assistant Engineer
    Doug Sax: Mastering
    Al Schmitt: Engineer
    Bill Schnee: Mixing
    Larry Williams: Arranger, Programming
    Eric Rudd: Assistant Engineer
    Jeri Heiden: Art Direction, Design
    Kip Lott: Photography
    Joey Wolpert: Engineer
    Tom Hardisty: Assistant Engineer
    Ed Togerson: Assistant Engineer
    Sean Franks: Cymbals

    Marco Giunco
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