Michael Franks - The Camera Never Lies
    1. Face to Face (For P.Y.) (Franks) - 4:26
    2. I Surrender (Franks) - 4:01
    3. Camera Never Lies (Franks) - 3:37
    4. Lip Service (Franks) - 4:13
    5. When I Think of Us (Franks) - 4:18
    6. Island Life (Franks/Mounsey) - 4:17
    7. Now You're in My Dreams (Carter/Franks) - 4:11
    8. Doctor Sax (Franks) - 5:48
    9. Innuendo (Franks) - 5:55


    Mark Egan: 8-String Bass
    Patti Austin: Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
    Art Garfunkel: Vocals (bckgr)
    Michael Brecker: Sax (Tenor), EWI
    Hiram Bullock: Guitar
    Michael Franks: Vocals
    Stanley Jordan: Drums
    Steve Khan: Guitar
    Earl Klugh: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Rob Mounsey: Organ, Synthesizer, Flute, Piano, Arranger, Bass (Vocal), Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (bckgr),
                          Keyboard Bass
    Lew Soloff: Trumpet
    Michal Urbaniak: Violin
    Ralph MacDonald: Percussion, Conga
    Bill Evans: Sax (Tenor)
    Randy Brecker: Trumpet
    Cliff Carter
    Kacey Cisyk: Vocals (bckgr)
    Cornell Dupree: Guitar
    Lawrence Feldman: Sax (Alto)
    Lani Groves: Vocals (bckgr)
    Neil Jason: Bass
    Will Lee: Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
    Marcus Miller: Bass
    Jeff Mironov: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Chris Parker: Cymbals, Drums, Hi Hat
    Roger Squitero: Caxixi, Shekere
    Richard Tee: Piano
    George Wadenius: Guitar
    Dave Weckl: Drums
    Robin Gould: Drums
    Clifford Carter: Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger
    Steve Jordan

    Production Credits:

    Mike Morgan: Assistant Engineer
    Larry Williams: Photography
    Rob Mounsey: Producer
    Richard L. Alderson: Engineer
    Neil Dignon: Remixing Assistant
    Kevin Halpin: Engineer, Remixing
    Mike Krowiak: Assistant Engineer
    Jon Wolfson: Engineer
    Gabrielle Raumberger: Art Direction, Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words