Michael Franks - Previously Unavailable
    1. Can't Seem to Shake This Rock and...
    2. Just Like Key Largo
    3. When Blackbirds Fly
    4. Lovesick Lizzie
    5. Life's Little Highway
    6. King of Oklahoma
    7. Dobro Ladies
    8. Three Today
    9. Little Sparrow
    10. Born with the Moon in Virgo


    Michael Franks: Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals
    Tom Scott
    Paul Humphrey
    Wendy Waldman
    Louie Shelton
    Max Bennett
    Bobby Bruce
    Larry Bunker
    Gene Cipriano
    Ed Greene
    Carol Kaye
    Steve La Fever
    Richard Markowitz: Arranger, Conductor
    Jerry McGee
    Ollie Mitchell
    Larry Muhoberac
    David Paich
    Michael Price
    Maurice Rodgers
    Kenny Shroyer
    Tommy Tedesco
    Tony Terran
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Chauncey Welsch
    Jerry McGhee
    Chauncey Welch

    Production Credits:

    Bart Chiate: Engineer, Mixing
    Nat Hentoff: Liner Notes
    Richard Markowitz: Producer
    Hank O'Neal: Executive Producer, Photography
    John DeVries: Art Direction, Cover Design
    Van-John Sfiridis: Supervisor

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words