Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg -Twin Sons of Different Mothers
    1. Twins Theme (Fogelberg) - 1:29
    2. Intimidation (Fogelberg) - 3:27
    3. Lazy Susan (Fogelberg) - 2:36
    4. Guitar Etude No. 3 (Fogelberg) - 2:53
    5. Tell Me to My Face (Clarke/Hicks/Nash) - 7:15
    6. Hurtwood Alley (Fogelberg) - 2:48
    7. Lahaina Luna (Fogelberg) - 3:15
    8. Paris Nocturne (Fogelberg) - 3:34
    9. Since You've Asked (Collins) - 2:41
    10. Power of Gold (Fogelberg) - 4:34


    Dan Fogelberg: Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards,
                            Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Voices, Slide Guitar, Guitar (Classical)
    Don Henley: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Tim Weisberg: Flute, Percussion, Oboe, Piccolo
    Bob Hall: Percussion
    Jim Keltner: Drums
    Bobbye Hall: Percussion, Conga, Cowbell
    David Breinenthal: Bassoon
    Gary Coleman: Percussion
    Earl Dumler: Horn, Horn (English)
    John Ellis: Organ, Oboe
    John Leslie Hug: Guitar, Harp
    Joe Lala: Percussion, Conga
    Neil Larsen: Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
    Andy Newmark: Synthesizer, Drums
    Norbert Putnam: Bass
    Ann Mason Stockton: Harp
    Florence Warner: Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
    Willie Weeks: Bass
    Vincent DeRosa: Horn, French Horn

    Production Credits:

    Dan Fogelberg: Producer
    Tim Weisberg: Producer
    Marty Lewis: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words