Fleetwood Mac - Pious Bird of Good Omen
    1. Need Your Love So Bad
    2. Coming Home
    3. Rambling Pony
    4. Big Boat
    5. I Believe My Time Ain't Long
    6. Sun Is Shining
    7. Albatross
    8. Black Magic Woman
    9. Just the Blues
    10. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
    11. Looking for Somebody
    12. Stop Messing Around


    Eddie Boyd: Piano, Vocals
    Big Walter Horton: Harmonica
    Mick Fleetwood: Drums
    Danny Kirwan: Guitar, Vocals
    Jeremy Spencer: Guitar, Vocals
    John McVie: Bass
    Peter Green: Guitar, Vocals

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words