Fine Young Cannibals - Fine Young Cannibals
    1. Johnny Come Home
    2. Couldn't Care More
    3. Don't Ask Me to Choose
    4. Funny How Love Is
    5. Suspicious Minds
    6. Blue
    7. Move to Work
    8. On a Promise
    9. Time Isn't Kind
    10. Like a Stranger
    11. Suspicious Minds


    Roland Gift: vocals
    Andy Cox: guitar
    David Steele: piano, keyboards,bass
    Gavin Wright: violin
    Saxa: saxophone
    Graeme Hamilton: saxophone, trumpet, piano
    Martin Parry: drums
    Jenny Jones: background vocals, drums
    Beverly Brown: background vocals
    Maxine Brown: background vocals
    Gloria Brown: background vocals

    Production Credits:

    Alvin Clarke: Engineer
    Andy Cox: Producer
    Robin Millar: Producer
    Mike Pela: Engineer, Producer
    Phil Savage: Engineer
    David Steele: Producer
    Roland Gift: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words