Everything But the Girl - Eden
    1. Each and Every One
    2. Bittersweet
    3. Tender Blue
    4. Another Bridge
    5. The Spice of Life
    6. The Dustbowl
    7. Crabwalk
    8. Even So
    9. Frost and Fire
    10. Fascination
    11. I Must Confess
    12. Soft Touch


    Tracey Thorn: Guitar, Vocals
    Simon Booth: Guitar
    Charles Hayward: Drums
    Peter King: Saxophone
    Chucke Meichan: Bass
    Nigel Nash: Saxophone
    Dick Pearce: Horn
    Ben Watts: Guitar, Vocals
    Bosco DeOliveira: Percussion

    Production Credits:

    Robin Millar: Producer
    Mike Pela: Engineer, Production Engineer
    Colin Gray: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words