Joe Ely - Hi-Res
    1. What's Shakin' Tonight (Eddie Beethoven, Joe Ely)
    2. Cool Rockin' Loretta (Eddie Beethoven, Joe Ely)
    3. Madame Wo (Joe Ely)
    4. Dream Camara (Joe Ely)
    5. Letter to Laredo (Joe Ely)
    6. She Gotta Get The Gettin' (Joe Ely)
    7. Lipstick In The Night (Joe Ely)
    8. Imagine Houston (Joe Ely)
    9. Dame Tu Mano (Joe Ely)
    10. Locked In A Boxcar With The Queen Of Spain (Joe Ely)


    Joe Ely: Guitar, Vocals
    Mitch Watkins: Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals
    Ponty Bone: Keyboards
    Roscoe Beck: Bass
    Eddie Beethoven: Vocals
    James Fenner: Percussion
    Bill Ginn: Synthesizer, Keyboards
    Mark Hallman: Vocals
    Steve Meador: Percussion, Drums
    Smokey Joe Miller: Saxophone
    Bill Peace: Wind
    Michael Ramos: Synthesizer

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words