Dr. John - Gumbo

    1. Iko Iko (Crawford) - 4:08
    2. Blow Wind Blow (Cougarden/Smith) - 3:17
    3. Big Chief (Gaines) - 3:25
    4. Somebody Changed the Lock (Rebennack) - 2:42
    5. Mess Around (Ertegun) - 3:09
    6. Let the Good Times Roll (Angelic Voices of Faith) - 3:56
    7. Junko Partner (Shad) - 4:27
    8. Stack-A-Lee (Traditional) - 3:28
    9. Tipitina (Byrd) - 2:04
    10. Those Lonely, Lonely Nights (King/Vincent) - 2:30
    11. Huey Smith Medley:High Blood... (Smith/Vincent) - 3:17
    12. Little Liza Jane (Smith/Vincent) - 2:59


    Lee Allen: Saxophone
    Dr. John: Cornet, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocal Arrangements
    Ronnie Barron: Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
    Harold Battiste: Clarinet, Saxophone, Wind, Horn Arrangements
    Morris Bechamin: Saxophone, Vocals
    Jimmy Calhoun: Bass
    Sidney George: Harmonica, Saxophone
    Shirley Goodman: Vocals
    Ken Klimak: Guitar
    Tammy Lann: Vocals
    Dave Lastie: Saxophone
    Melvin Lastie: Trumpet, Cornet
    Robbie Montgomery: Vocals
    Alvin Robinson: Guitar
    Jessica Smith: Vocals
    Fred Staehle: Percussion, Drums
    Richard Washington: Percussion
    Streamline: Trombone

    Production Credits:

    Harold Battiste: Producer
    Gary Brandt: Engineer
    Keith Olsen: Engineer
    Jerry Wexler: Producer
    Tom Wilkes: Design, Photography
    Barry Feinstein: Design, Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words