The Doors - Absolutely Live
    1. House Announcer
    2. Who Do You Love? (McDaniel)
    3. Alabama Song (Brecht/Weill)
    4. Back Door Man (Dixon)
    5. Love Hides (Doors)
    6. Five to One (Doors)
    7. Build Me a Woman (Doors)
    8. When the Music's Over (Doors)
    9. Close to You (Dixon)
    10. Universal Mind (Doors)
    11. Petition the Lord with Prayer (Doors)
    12. Dead Cats, Dead Rats (Doors)
    13. Break on Through #2/Celebration of... (Doors)
    14. Lions in the Street (Doors)
    15. Wake Up (Doors)
    16. Little Game (Doors)
    17. Hill Dwellers (Doors)
    18. Not to Touch the Earth (Doors)
    19. Names of the Kingdom (Doors)
    20. Palace of Exile (Doors)
    21. Soul Kitchen (Doors)


    Robbie Krieger: Guitar
    Jim Morrison: Vocals
    Ray Manzarek: Organ, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
    John Densmore: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Bruce Botnick: Engineer
    Ed Caraeff: Photography
    Paul Rothchild: Producer
    Alli: Art Direction, Design
    David Sygall: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words