10000 Maniacs - The Wishing Chair

    1. Can't Ignore The Train (John Lombardo, Natalie Merchant)
    2. Just As The Tide Was A Flowing (Traditional, Arranged By 10000 Maniacs)
    3. Scorpio Rising (John Lombardo, Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant)
    4. Lilydale (Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant)
    5. Maddox Table (Natalie Merchant)
    6. Everyone A Puzzle Lover (John Lombardo, Natalie Merchant)
    7. Arbor Day (Natalie Merchant)
    8. Back O' The Moon (Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant)
    9. Tension Makes A Tangle (John Lombardo, Natalie Merchant)
    10. Among The Americans (Robert Buck, Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant)
    11. Grey Victory (John Lombardo, Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant)
    12. Cotton Alley (John Lombardo, Natalie Merchant)
    13. My Mother The War (John Lombardo,  Natalie Merchant, Michael Walsh)


    Jerome Augustyniak: Drums
    Robert Buck: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar
    Dennis Drew: Accordion, Organ, Piano
    Steve Gustafson: Bass, Guitar (Electric)
    John Lombardo: Bass, Guitar, Guitar (12 String)
    Natalie Merchant: Vocals, Voices

    Production Credits:

    Joe Boyd: Producer
    Jerry Boys: Engineer
    Barry Clempson: Assistant Engineer
    Tony Harris: Engineer
    Jack Skinner: Mastering
    10,000 Maniacs: Main Performer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words