Deacon Blue  - When the world knows your name
    1. Queen of the new year (Ricky Ross, James Prime)
    2. Wages Day (Ricky Ross)
    3. Real gone kid (Ricky Ross)
    4. Love and regret  (Ricky Ross)
    5. Circus Lights  (Ricky Ross)
    6. This changing light  (Ricky Ross, James Prime)
    7. Sad loved girl  (Ricky Ross)
    8. Fergus sings the blues  (Ricky Ross, James Prime)
    9. When the world is lit by lightning  (Ricky Ross, James Prime)
    10. Silohouette  (Ricky Ross)
    11. One hundred things  (Ricky Ross)
    12. Your constant heart  (Ricky Ross)
    13. Orphans   (Ricky Ross, Ewen Vernal)


    Ricky Ross: Vocals
    Graeme Kelling: Guitar
    James Prime: Piano
    Lorraine McIntosh: Vocals
    Ewen Vernal: Bass
    Douglas Vipond: Drums
    Gavin Wright: Fiddle
    Stuart Elliot: Bodhran
    Mark Feltham:  Harmonica
    Guy Barker: Trumpets
    Simon Gardener: Trumpets
    Chris White: Tenor Sax
    Phil Todd: Tenor Sax
    Jamie Talbot: Baritone Sax
    Dave Bishop: Baritone Sax
    Pete Beachill: Trombone
    Neil Sidwell: Trombone

    Production Credits:

    Warne Livesey: Producer
    David Kahne: Producer
    Deacon Blue: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words